Nearly 80% percent of all of Texas' population is within 200 miles of Waco.

That’s an anchor city. 

This city has been our home for nearly 20 years. From the beginning God has given us a vision to reach this city, to serve it, and to bring hope to it.  

We’ve brought good news to a good advice city. 

We share what Christ has done to a city that tells you what to do. 

We bring rest to those who are burdened. We love our city.

The Vision is to MAKE ROOM to EXPAND our MINISTRY. 

MAKE ROOM is a campaign to Expand Ministry for this City and Beyond.  

The Needs of our church have grown to a TIPPING POINT where we need:

New Space, More Leaders, and to have a dedicated CENTER to train men in Clear Gospel Communication.

"Thousands of churches in Uganda are impacted each week by Redeemer's commitment to training pastors in true Gospel teaching." 

Richmond Wandera

President, Pastors Discipleship Network

"The Center for Gospel Communication affords us the opportunity to rejoice together in working side by side.  I highly commend the work of this Center for the edification and for the building up of the Church!"

Bill Thomas

Director of the Southwest Church Planting Network

Be a Part of a Gospel Movement.

And say ...