Senior Pastor (Staff Pastor)

  • Jeff Hatton

    Senior Pastor

    Jeff Hatton and his wife Nancy arrived in Waco in the Fall of 1998 to plant Redeemer and have never left! Jeff has ministered to college students at Brown University, Harvard, M.I.T., Boston University, and other surrounding campuses. He also started campus ministries in the former Soviet Union, especially the Central Asian Republics. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Dallas Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate at Truett Seminary, recently publishing his work (The Gospel Arc).  Together Jeff and his wife Nancy have a calm quiet home of 5 children.

Assistant Pastor (Staff Pastor)

  • Collin Coats

    Assistant Pastor

    Collin currently serves as the Assistant Pastor overseeing Redeemer's ministries, with a focus on youth. Collin graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Philosophy and has a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Knox Seminary. Collin is married and has three children.


Redeemer is led by a group of elders who lead by caring for the people of Redeemer. Elders have oversight as shepherds, set an example for the church, and teach the Word. Each member at Redeemer is in an Oversight Group led by an elder. Are you a member but unsure who your oversight elder is? Email us here!

The following are Redeemer's current elders:

Bradley Norris (Ruling Elder)

Brent Bankston (Ruling Elder)

Collin Coats (Teaching Elder, Assistant Pastor)

Dave Hunt (Ruling Elder)

Dean Mitchell (Ruling Elder)

Gary Carini (Ruling Elder)

Glenn Miller (Ruling Elder)

Jeff Hatton (Teaching Elder, Senior Pastor)

Jim Tandy (Ruling Elder)

Joel Smedshammer (Ruling Elder)

Mark Roberts (Ruling Elder)

Ray Biles (Ruling Elder)

Rob Baker (Ruling Elder)

Steve Smith (Ruling Elder)

Tim Kayworth (Ruling Elder)


Deacons at Redeemer serve both the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Redeemer. Deacons ministry to the sick and hurting, oversee and managing giving, distributing finances, and the like. The following are current deacons at Redeemer:

John Shultz

Rice Mellen

Rick Jesperson

Scotty Friesan

Walt Ford (Treasurer)

William Weaver

College Ministry

Redeemer's College Ministry is called RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). We are centered on the Gospel and love college students and campus life. RUF seeks to be a safe environment for you to come and hear what the Bible claims is true. 

  • Way Rutherford was born and raised in Mississippi and married Amy in 2002 and they have since had three kids! After graduating seminary, Way and Amy moved to Louisville, KY, to do college ministry. In 2014, the Rutherfords moved to Waco, TX, to do college ministry on campus at Baylor. 

    EMAIL WAY: wrutherford@ruf.org

  • Born and raised in North Carolina, Olivia Shields graduated from Appalachian State University in 2016 and then moved to Waco to begin doing college ministry with RUF. After two years as an intern, Olivia is excited to continue serving as Campus Staff on Baylor's campus.

    EMAIL OLIVIA: olivia.shields@ruf.org

  • Graham Harmon was born and raised in South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina. Despite this, Texas remains his favorite state. Graham was involved in Greek life at the University of South Carolina and loves RUF, Whataburger, Dr. Pepper, and, above all else, Christ, and sharing the news of His love.

    EMAIL GRAHAM: graham.harmon@ruf.org


  • Collin Coats

    Executive Director

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  • Laura Norris

    Financial Administrator

  • Amanda Reynolds

    Office Assistant

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  • Emma Fink

    Kids Director

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  • TJ Hurst
    Music Leader

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