• Your giving enables Redeemer to continue to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel, as well as our own congregation. God uses your giving to sustain our ministry. If no one were to give, God would either miraculously provide for our ministry or we would simply shut our doors. This is God's design in the New Testament, that local churches would depend on the generous giving of their church. And generosity is a fruit of believing the Gospel, as we believe that Jesus, who was "rich", became "poor" for our sake (see 2 Cor. 8:9). We are ever grateful for the faithful giving we see at Redeemer that daily sustains us.

    There are three ways you can give to Redeemer:

    1. Online - Click here give today!
    2. Mail - We check our mail regularly, so you can mail in your giving to 2501 Redeemer Way, Waco, TX 76712
    3. In person on Sundays or by appointment during the week.
  • We all automate certain payments because they are so important we must ensure we do not miss them. Just as you automate mortgage or utility payments, you can automate your giving. Choose "recurring" to make your payment recurring.

    We all benefit greatly from automated giving because it means you will not forget to give and it helps Redeemer stabilize giving throughout the year, making it easier for Redeemer to budget and project budget needs.

  • Appreciated stocks and mutual funds are a way to maximize your giving because you increase your tax savings. For further information or to make a stock gift transfer, contact:

    William Weaver, Treasurer, Treasurer@redeemerwaco.org, - or - 

    Laura Norris, Finance Administrator, Laura@redeemerwaco.org, 254-722-5391.

  • Year-end giving supports a major portion of our budget each year. Would you pray about and consider a year-end gift to support the work of Redeemer?