The goal of Redemptive Gospel Care is to provide a safe place for people at Redeemer to openly process, with the truth of the Gospel, the problems they are facing. We hope to spark a contagious commitment to love one another, have courage to speak the truth in love, and humbly approach one another with compassion and self-sacrifice. We are broken instruments who are living under the grace of Christ’s redemptive work, seeking to be used by God in his redemptive work in others. 

Care Groups (8-10 People)

Want to work through a trial in a small group setting? Then a care group is for you. Each group is lead by two care team members that have already participated in a group and are in Redemptive Gospel Care training. We use this time to share our lives with each other in an honest way that promotes accountability and speaking truth in love. Although we change books over time, past groups have used: Shame Interrupted by Ed Welch. Most groups meet for 8-10 weeks, are gender specific and consist of 8-10 people.

Potential groups deal with things like:

  • Addictions
  • Grief
  • Chronic pain/illness
  • Broken marriages

Partnering (One-On-One Care)

Need to meet one-on-one (or couple with couple)? Our hope is that this relationship becomes not only a friendship but also a practical and focused help to both individuals or couples. 

The goal: 

• walk alongside each other as we heal.

• learn to think rightly about ourselves, God, and others.

• process our circumstances and believe the Gospel.