Our Vision: Redeemer Exists to Extend the Supremacy of God by Delighting in the Worth and Work of Jesus Christ in Waco & Beyond

In other words:

We are about gospel-growth in people.  


These values reflect God’s specific call for Redeemer in Waco. These values inform, inspire and implement the vision of Redeemer. If the vision is the snowcapped mountain, these four values are the streams flowing from the mountain.


Redemptive Teaching is the divine-engine that drives everything at Redeemer. It is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ (the gospel); it is teaching that unleashes the life and power of God for a comprehensive salvation (Romans 1:16-17). Redeemer is all about Jesus, and the Gospel gives us Jesus in all his worth, wonder, work, and words. Therefore in all of our teaching,  we seek to experience Jesus Christ and his salvation to reach and renew lives, churches, homes, the workplace, communities, and the surrounding culture. 


Why not “Redemptive Outreach?” Well, because everyone needs the gospel.  Reach at Redeemer is not only focused on those outside the church but also on those inside the church. All Christians have areas of their heart that have yet to be reached with the Gospel. So, we love people both inside and outside the church. Redemptive reach means that we grow into being missional people, people who do not just do mission but are missional. 


The gospel transforms us into redemptive relationships: people intentionally learning how to build their lives around the gospel. Redemptive people are not perfect people, but rather deeply flawed people who’s identity is found in Christ’s perfect life, death, and resurrection. We do not build our lives around moralism or relativism. We build our lives around the gospel. 


All operations are redemptive in two ways. First, in the character or manner of those serving in operations. We are marked by a genuine love for others. Therefore in all decisions and actions we seek to be loving and humane. Sometimes decisions can look good on paper but fail in practice because of a lack of concern for the people involved. Second, all operations are redemptive in that they serve, support, and release gospel growth in people. We pursue excellence-for-people rather than excellence-for-policy. We want to create a spirit of freedom, empowerment, teamwork, creativity, energy, risk taking, flexibility, and endurance. All of this in order to better extend the supremacy of God in Waco and Beyond.


To extend the supremacy of God we will make decisions that:

Change Lives

We seek to be an unshockable community that pursues life change by going deeper in the Gospel.

Advance The Kingdom

We seek to participate in God's redemptive work within our church family, our community, and the world. 

Build Everything Around The Gospel

We will build our church, ministries, and messy lives around the Gospel.

Pursue Excellence

We graciously strive for excellence in all we do by strategically and generously unleashing our time, talents, and resources