What To Expect

Our Worship Service - 10:00AM

On Sundays we have in-person worship services and we stream our services live on YouTube for those unable to attend in person.

What To Expect - We come to church to rest in and worship God who has loved us and given us grace in the Good News of Jesus. We do this in singing, praying, preaching, responsive readings based on Scripture, and receiving the Lord's Supper (communion). In the Fall 2021 we will be studying and hearing from the books of Judges and Galatians.

What To Wear

Some wear shorts and some wear suits. Some wear dresses and some wear t-shirts. We are not made holy by the clothes we wear, so come as you are. 


Children act like children, so if your child is loud, welcome to the club. We offer kids ministry for children under 5 years old during the 10:00AM service. Check here to see what's going on for 0-5th grade students at 9:00AM before the service. When you come in the building, walk away from the main sanctuary and head towards the glass exit doors at the end of the long hall. You will find a check-in desk. We also have an overflow room you can use in with live audio/video for your convenience. If you need help, just ask for Emma (our Redeemer Kids Director).

Come To Rest

Expect to hear Good News at Redeemer, not merely good advice. It may sound odd but we come to church primarily to rest, not to work. We are made righteous by Jesus. So come to church to rest in the Gospel.