- Your gifts enable Redeemer to continue to preach Good News, not good advice, to a greater and greater number of people in Waco and beyond.

- Generosity is at the heart of Christianity. It fuels our faith, hope and love. 

- Because giving meets real needs.  

- Out of obedience to God's command (MAL 3:8).


We automate important payments because we are, simply put, prone to forget. Just as you automate mortgage payments, car payments, and cable bills, you can now automate your giving to Redeemer. Automate your giving by clicking below and choose 'recurring' as an option.

Why should we consider automating our giving?

  1. Most People Deal with a Majority of their Finances Online (80%).
  2. We Simply Forget to Tithe.  
  3. Automated Giving Especially Helps On Low Attendance and Inclement Weather Sundays.
  4. Automated Giving Guarantees the First Tenth of Your Pay Goes to the Lord’s House.

Stock Transfers

Should you desire information regarding the contribution of stock, assistance with estate planning ideas or desire further information on Biblical stewardship, please contact the church office.