Redeemer has an incredible team that works with and supports the work of Care Net and their efforts to love and serve Waco mothers. Care Net not only seeks to love and support mothers who have yet to give birth but those that are currently raising children. Want to help? Check out the opportunities below and/or email Catherine Elder.

Thanksgiving Feast - Our team that works with Care Net is putting together a Thanksgiving meal for mothers at Care Net and they would love your help! Email Catherine Elder and let her know you'd like to help however you can!

Christmas Gift Card Drive - We need twenty-five $20 Target gift cards to provide a great Christmas shopping opportunity for some of the Care Net mothers. Drop a $20 Target gift card off at Redeemer by Dec. 6th. 

I was a 16 years old in 1974, one year after the Supreme Court handed down its Roe vs.Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand. Our nation’s highest court ruled that a state law banning abortion was unconstitutional. The culture of death began its triumphant annihilation against our most vulnerable. Little did I know that I would become a participant in that death march....