Who Are We?

We're a group of messy people trying to build our lives around Jesus and His Salvation.

What Should You Expect?

Walking into a new church can be scary, and our goal at Redeemer is to alleviate stresses or fears so you and your family can worship without distraction. 

What To Wear

Some of us wear suits, and some wear shorts. Some wear dresses, and some wear t-shirts. The point is that we are not made more holy by the clothes we wear. 

Come as you are.

Normal Family Noises

Children act like children. If your child is being loud, welcome to the club. However, we do offer nursery for children under 5. When you come in the building, walk away from the main sanctuary and head to the end of the hall where you will find a check-in desk just to the left. We also have an 'overflow room' in room 108 with live audio/video for your convenience. 

Birth - 18 months | room 102

18 months - 2 years | room 100

Pre-K | room 101

Nursing Mothers & Sleeping Infants | room 103

Liturgy- Responsive Readings

Liturgy is not new. In fact, the church has been doing it for a very long time. But it may be new to you. So just follow along on the screens, and hear the gospel proclaimed, not only from the pulpit, but also from one another. 

Expect To Rest

Come expecting to hear Good News. Christ is our perfect Savior. There is no more work to be done. No more good deeds. We are made righteous by Christ's work. So come to church to rest in the gospel.   

Get Plugged In

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