Our Pastors

  • Jeff Hatton

    Senior Pastor

    Jeff Hatton has ministered to college students at Brown University, Harvard, M.I.T., Boston University, and other surrounding campuses in the Boston Metro area. He has also started campus ministries in the former Soviet Union, especially the Central Asian Republics. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Dallas Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate at Truett Seminary.  Together Jeff and his wife Nancy have a calm quiet home of 5 children (Cal 21, Bryn 19, Knox 17, Belle 15, and Ty 6). Jeff and Nancy arrived in Waco in the Fall of 1998 to plant Redeemer and have never left. 

  • Ryan 'Slim' Thompson

    Associate Pastor

    Slim wears a couple hats here at Redeemer. He oversees all of our Redemptive People Ministries such as Community Groups, Redemptive Gospel Care, Men’s, Women’s, Youth and Children’s Ministries. However, he specifically heads up the Youth Ministry “ROOTS” and Community Groups. He studied Marketing at Texas A&M, and got his MDiV at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. His wife Kristen and he have been called to orphan care through the local ministry of Arrow. They have 3 children: Knox (7), Mateo (5), and Jordan (4).


  • Dorothy Brucksch

    Ministry Connections

  • Adam Hutchison

    Worship Director

  • Holly Oliver

    Children's Director

  • Liza Mitchell

    Nursery Assistant

  • Christiana Rafuse

    Nursery Assistant

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  • Scott Dalton

    Pastoral Assistant

  • Bob Chapman

    Facilities Manager

  • Laura Norris


  • Larry Little

    Sound Engineer

  • Blake Ewing

    Sound Assistant

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  • Del Nettles

    Visual Director

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  • Ray Biles

  • Gary Carini

  • Tim Kayworth

  • Dean Mitchell

  • Glenn Miller

  • Jim Tandy

  • Joel Smedshammer

  • Steve Smith

  • Chris Matlock

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  • Brent Bankston

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  • Rob Baker

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  • Even Iluzada

  • Jeff Manning

  • Landon Lewis

  • Chris Hatton

  • Bob Chapman

  • Walt Ford

  • Bradley Norris

  • Martin Kemper

  • William Weaver

  • Jeremy Larson

  • Rick Jesperson

  • Denton Finley

  • Ray Brucksch

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